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We'll keep you trucking smoothly
We are Thomasville, NC’s experts in spray-on truck bed liners . Our customers bring their trucks to us from far and wide to be taken care of by our expert team. Rhino Linings will make sure you get the most out of your truck by protecting it with durable and reliable spray on truck bed liners. We have an incredible selection of bed liners available for your truck bed, grille guards, bumpers, and rocker panels. You’ll find out how to protect your truck from all of the dings and scratches that your active job and lifestyle can throw at it, and still leave it looking like new!

Is there a spray-on truck bed lining for my type of job?

Rhino Linings provides complete spray-on truck bed liners for any type of vehicle. When you have your truck protected by our spray-on truck bed liners you'll get the highest level of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance for many applications including:
  • Truck and trailer liners 
  • Horse float spray-on lining 
  • Tool box linings (both internal & external tray top truck) 
  • Marine linings 
  • Off-Road camper linings 
  • Spray-on linings for boats, jet skis, and other watercraft 
  • Spray-on truck linings for transporting livestock 
  • Truck linings for under body and side skirts 
  • Spray-on protection for wheel arches and flares 
  • Spray-on truck linings for caravans 
  • Internal linings for manure and fertilizer spreaders 
  • Abrasion protection linings for crop dustin air craft spray 
  • Tank linings for water, chemicals, and grain 
  • Aquaculture linings for sea water tanks 
  • Floor linings for ambulance vehicles 
  • Floor linings for animal enclosures at zoos
We’ll help you drive your budget dollar further by extending the life of these and many other products, vehicles, and applications. Give us a call today in Thomasville to discuss your specific needs. We are the specialists you can count on!

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Rhino Linings is committed to excellence in customer service and quality workmanship. Our dedicated team knows exactly how to best protect your truck. 
Rhino Linings of Thomasville specializes in the highest-quality spray-on truck bed liners for the triad area of North Carolina. 
We will help you extend the life of your equipment, so that you will save money in the long run. All of our parts and services are guaranteed. The team at Rhino Linings in Thomasville is highly skilled, qualified and experienced. You can trust us to do a first rate job every time!

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